• Have more TASKS COMPLETED, Be Flexible  PAY PER HOUR, SAVE COSTS due to our location
  • Give away your time consuming consulting tasks and do more HIGH PAID tasks.
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  • • Reach faster important milestones
  • • Have time for important creative tasks
  • • Act more and talk less
  • • Achieve more than your competitors
  • • Fixed costs change to variable costs
  • • Flexible schedule solutions
  • • Adapt easy to new market needs
  • • Short term backup solutions
  • • Easier staff growth or contraction
  • • Pay less per working hour and office space
  • • Pay for the working time
  • • Do what brings more profit
  • • Keep your team stimulated
  • • Have a competitive profit margin


Simple tasks:

1.    Help us with data entry, web research, convert PDF into Word.

2.    Transcribe an interview.

3.    Find B2B leads.

Special tasks:

1.    Design PowerPoint presentations and documents.

2.    Provide Excel calculations.

3.    Write a report.

Complex work:

1.    Assist me run the business.

2.    We need to delegate marketing research, business planning and data analysis tasks.